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Annual Meeting

2024 Date TBD
Fellowship Bible Church
1401 Kirk Road
Little Rock, AR 72223

Your attendance is important to establish a quorum and discuss the following issues:

  • Financial Report: 2023

  • Report on 2024 activities

  • Election of three new board members


Owner attendance is important!  A quorum of owners must be present at the meeting to elect directors and conduct any other community business. A proxy will be mailed to all VOW homeowners.  Owners may assign their proxy to the Board or another property owner who will be in attendance.  Return the proxy to Peak Properties, LLC via fax at 353-0398, email to, or have the assigned owner bring the proxy to the annual meeting.  If you are unsure of your attendance, go ahead and send in a proxy, then if you can attend the meeting your attendance will void the proxy.

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